We are a Startup, specialized on building diverse individual objects.

Based on our self-developed moduls, we can realize creating diverse smaller but also large objects or very individual objects based on customer's ideas and imaginiation.


  ... creating individual art and giving object a unique character

  ... reviving forgotten and seeming useless comodity objects

  ... beeing on a journey of ideation and a quets of integrating art into everyday life and giving them an individual spirit / style


  ... an opportunity to express your individual perceptions of your residential and outside area?

  ... special or unique objects for private or commercial Events?

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  ...From January 19th to 28th, 2018 you will find us at the »International Green Week Berlin«. Visit us on our location »Hall 26 / 158«.

      Berliner Gruene Woche 2018

  ... Art object handover Orchid to chairman of a television company RBB Dagmar Reim


  ...KaUtz with cube @ permanent representation of NRW


  ...KaUtz with their presenter's desk



  ... January 2017 - »Presseball Berlin«


  ... November 7th, 2015 - »AIDS-Gala 2015« - German/Deutsche Oper Berlin


  ... August 2015 - »Aquanario« - former Airport Tempelhof

  ... July 2015 - »Classic Open Air« - Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

  ... January 2015 - »berlin fashion night« - Berlin


  ... January 2015 - »International Green Week Berlin«